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Long Beach Southern California Real Estate Consultants Vs. Tradditional Agents

A Long Beach real estate consultant’s goal is to listen to you and your needs. They will explain how we work so you know our role and how it benefits you.  Both the Agent and the Real Estate Consultant have the same license from the State of California for real estate but their focus is differrent.

Fiduciary (Consultant)
Advises and Consults
Educates and Guides
Involved in Decision Process
Uses Judgment and Experience
Highly Compensated
The Red Wagon Team member
So What is the Difference between a Real Estate Consultant and a Tradditional Agent?

Fiduciary (Real Estate Consultant) provides the following:
  • Advises and Consults
  • Educates and Guides
  • Involved in Decision Process
  • Uses Judgment and Experience
  • Irreplaceable
  • Highly Compensated
  • The Red Wagon Team member

Functionary (Tradditional Real Estate Agent)
  • Delivers Information
  • Tells and Sells
  • Stays out of Process
  • Follows the Rules and Procedures
  • Replaceable
  • Minimally Paid
  • Other Agents

Who do you want to represent you?

Service and integrity are important elements that will make a difference in a real estate transaction. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients beyond a real estate.
Would You Like to Save Hours Searching for a Home Online?

If so, simply email us at and describe the home you want, bedrooms, bathrooms, cities in Southern California and we will find it for you…This system will save you hours of time searching for a home.  Our team looks forward to meeting you soon. We wish you the best of success with your move.  Call 1-800-300-6126 to meet with a member of The Red Wagon Team…a moving experience…in real estate.

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How to Begin Shopping for a Long Beach Condo or Long Beach Home

First Steps to Buying a Property

This is a much simpler process than most people think.  Many years ago, we developed a home buyer’s guide that we give to people like yourself that are thinking about buying a Long Beach condo or house to call home. It is a guide jammed packed with tips and strategies to educate you in the home buying process.


But let’s do this first.  If you have a lender that someone has referred you too, call them.  Fill out a quick form or call us at 800-300-6126 and I will send you a couple of referrals of lenders that can help you get qualified for a loan at no cost or obligation.  This method helps you to understand how much you can afford to spend…realistically.  Otherwise, you are just guessing.  And, please don’t go to one of these online lenders…you need someone you can trust for lending especially in this real estate market.


As real estate professionals we cannot, by law, accept any financial compensation from a lender, escrow company or home inspector for referring them a client.  So, when we refer you to one of these professionals it is because we know that they have done a great job for our clients.  You can use one of our happy vendors or select your own.  The choice is always up to you.

Plus, real estate is a relationship business.  When we work with you to find you a place to call home, we are committed to assisting you with all of the details.  You are the one that will be making the decisions when choosing the right home.  Our focus is not to “try to sell you a home” but to provide you with advice and counsel to assist you with the process.

People who make a commitment to become a Realtor® do so with good intentions.  They like working with people and focus on helping them buy a home that meets the buyer’s goals first. If you live out of state, call and talk to us about your real estate plans. The agents on our team are trained to take a consulting approach to real estate that focuses on listening to you.

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Do You Need a Buyer Broker to Purchase a Long Beach Condo?

What is a Buyer’s Broker?

A Buyer’s Broker represents a Long Beach home buyer’s best interests and negotiates on the home buyer’s behalf. The buyer broker can give the home buyer information about the home, area, prices, etc. that a seller’s agent, by law, cannot.

When you, the buyer, call a Long Beach real estate agent (listing or seller’s agent) or the agent’s company (seller’s broker) off a sign in the yard or an advertisement in a homes magazine or attend an open house, that agent and their company work for the seller.  The listing agent and their company are bound, by law, to get the seller the best possible price and terms and not to divulge any information to you, the buyer that is contrary to the seller’s best interest.

“Employers say hiring a Buyer’s Broker is good business”. Chicago Sun Times.


Who Needs a Buyer Broker?

Anyone buying a Long Beach condos or homes who wants a REALTOR® on their side and representing them, not the seller…especially people new to an area and first-time home buyers.  A seller’s broker (listing company) CANNOT, legally or ethically, represent a home buyer’s best interests or negotiate for a lower price or better terms.

“Hire a Buyer’s Broker. When in the market for a home, the best defense is a strong offense. Using a buyer’s broker should save money.” Worth Magazine

“A buyer’s broker can provide information that an agent for the seller can’t”. The Augusta Chronicle


“You’ll get the surest representation from a single-agency broker or an exclusive buyer’s broker agreement.” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

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