Do You Need a Buyer Broker to Purchase a Long Beach Condo?

What is a Buyer’s Broker?

A Buyer’s Broker represents a Long Beach home buyer’s best interests and negotiates on the home buyer’s behalf. The buyer broker can give the home buyer information about the home, area, prices, etc. that a seller’s agent, by law, cannot.

When you, the buyer, call a Long Beach real estate agent (listing or seller’s agent) or the agent’s company (seller’s broker) off a sign in the yard or an advertisement in a homes magazine or attend an open house, that agent and their company work for the seller.  The listing agent and their company are bound, by law, to get the seller the best possible price and terms and not to divulge any information to you, the buyer that is contrary to the seller’s best interest.

“Employers say hiring a Buyer’s Broker is good business”. Chicago Sun Times.


Who Needs a Buyer Broker?

Anyone buying a Long Beach condos or homes who wants a REALTOR® on their side and representing them, not the seller…especially people new to an area and first-time home buyers.  A seller’s broker (listing company) CANNOT, legally or ethically, represent a home buyer’s best interests or negotiate for a lower price or better terms.

“Hire a Buyer’s Broker. When in the market for a home, the best defense is a strong offense. Using a buyer’s broker should save money.” Worth Magazine

“A buyer’s broker can provide information that an agent for the seller can’t”. The Augusta Chronicle


“You’ll get the surest representation from a single-agency broker or an exclusive buyer’s broker agreement.” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

Learn the Advantages of a Buyer Broker Agreement

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Buyer Agent?

The Seller’s Agent, also known as the Listing Agent, represents the interests of the property owner.  The Buyer’s Agent, represents you, the buyer.

If you were going to purchase a condo in downtown Long Beach, California or any other area in Southern California, most likely you want to engage with a California Realtor® to represent you in the purchase.

Enlisting the services of a professional Buyer’s Agent is similar to using an accountant to help you with your taxes, a doctor to help you with your health care, or a mechanic to help you with your car.  If you had the time to devote to learning everything about accounting, medicine, and automotive mechanics, you could do these services yourself.  But who has the time?  This is why you allow other professionals to help you in their specific areas of expertise.


We will take care of the hassles of everyday real estate transactions for you.  We let you concentrate on your full-time job, while we do our job.  We will guide you through the home-buying process and exclusively represent your interests as we help you find a home, present your contract offer, negotiate, and close on your home!


Just as your accountant, doctor, and mechanic understand your specific needs, your Buyer’s Agent gets to know your real estate needs and concerns. This type of relationship is built through open communication at all times.   Real estate professionals can save you a lot of time by providing you all the details about any home before you see it.   In addition, your Buyer’s Agent will listen to your feedback and concerns about each home.

The advantage to signing a Buyer’s Broker Agreement with a licensed California Realtor® is that you will have a professional agent working to find and secure the ideal home for you.  It is nearly impossible to find a home that meets your needs, get a contract negotiated, and close the transaction without an experienced agent.  You won’t need to spend endless evenings and weekends driving around looking for homes or trying to search computer networks by yourself.  When you tour homes with your professional Buyer’s Agent, you will already know that the homes meet your criteria and are within your price range.

Entering into a Buyer’s Broker Agreement has countless advantages for you.  When you sign the agreement, you are simply agreeing to “hire” a personal representative who, by law, must represent your best interests to the best of his/her ability.   All of this personal service is available at absolutely no cost to you!!!  The Seller’s Agent has negotiated a fee for the Buyer’s Agent and their real estate company.  When you hire a professional agent devoted to protecting your needs and to helping you make one of the most important investment decisions of your life –- and you don’t even have to pay the fee!