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Buyers Agent & Buyer Consultation

At some point during your property search, you will need to find someone to represent your best interests and assist you with the purchase. A business relationship occurs when you agree to engage a licensed real estate professional to represent you.  This could be one of the biggest decisions that you make.


Here’s why:

There are two types of agents in a real estate purchase.  The listing agent represents the seller to get them the highest and best price.  They have signed a contract to do just that.  So, going directly to the listing agent does not benefit you at all….it benefits the listing agent because of their agreement.


Does it Cost You Money to Have Your Own Agent?

No. The seller pays the commissions to the real estate companies involved in a real estate transaction.  Then, those companies pay the agents involved.  So, when you have your own buyer’s agent, the seller is compensating his/her company through their listing agreement with the listing agent’s company.  It costs you nothing but you get the benefits of having someone advising that does not directly work for the seller.  Plus, there is no conflict of interest.


Do you want someone to represent You that is trying to get the seller the highest price or You, the buyer, the lowest and best price that the seller will accept?

You want someone to represent you.  Right?  Absolutely.  You need someone on your side, your own buyer’s agent, that you can trust and is looking out for your best interests.  That agent will guide you through the entire home buying process step-by-step.

  1. They will give your relevant information about local sales when you find a home or condo that you love to determine market values
  2. They help you structure an offer that protects you
  3. They will help you negotiate the purchase and advise you on the details so you can make good investment decisions
  4. They listen to your needs, feedback and concerns about each home


The Benefits of Hiring Jay Valento To Represent You:

  • We take a consulting approach to real estate by listening to your needs and assessing how we can assist you.
  • We work at your buying pace and don’t pressure you to purchase.  It’s your home and it’s up to you which one fits your lifestyle
  • We advise you on the details so you understand your purchase process
  • You get a free copy of our 50 page, exclusive “Red Wagon Team Home Buyer’s Guide” that we developed.  Our clients love it.  It is easy to read and informative.
  • Learn how to evaluate homes and condos
  • Learn negotiating strategies that work for you
  • You get a team of highly skilled real estate agents with over 22 years of real estate experience for free
  • Get to know Jay Valento


Talk to Jay Valento Today

You see, the listing agent signs a contract with the home owner to sell the property offers the buyer’s agent and their company a commission to represent a buyer in the purchase a property.  So, the fee is covered.  Let’s get together and talk by phone or email or in person over coffee.  Simply call us toll-free at 1-800-300-6126 or 562-413-7655 or fill out the quick form below.

We respect your privacy and will not sell or transfer your information to other companies.

Phone Email

By submitting this form with your telephone number you are consenting for a member of The Red Wagon Team to contact you even if your name is on a Federal or State “Do not call List”. Thank you for submitting your information. We will be in contact with you by phone or email.

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